Growing up I had a sister that pitched on a fastpitch tournament team and sitting watching her games I learned the differences between fastpitch and baseball. When our daughter was born, by default I was the dad who coached because I knew the game better than the other dads.

But I was always frustrated with one aspect of the game on our teams — what to do when one of our pitchers lost it. I got tired of “She needs to see her pitching coach.” So when I started giving lessons and took over the instruction for the pitchers on our team I wanted a system that allowed the pitcher to adjust from pitch to pitch. This is where the “Self Adjusting Pitching Process”, or SAPP came from. It is this system of SAPP upon which the “Art and Science of the Perfect Game” is based.

Every year since 2000 the Self Adjusting Pitching Process” has empowered one or more of the pitchers that have taken lessons from me to pitch a perfect game — one of the most difficult achievements in all of sports.

In this blog,, I will lay out the fundamentals of the SAPP system. Whether you are a pitcher or the parent of a pitcher; whether you are a beginner or trying to get to the next level, the information in will benefit you.

SAPP is based first on the understanding that all perfect games start with that first pitch and are accomplished one pitch at a time until the last pitch is thrown. And all perfect games have the same singular goal which was best expressed by one of my great former pitchers, who after pitching a perfect game shared her simple and yet powerful goal, “No one gets to first”.

Especially in this age of everyone gets a trophy, because everyone is a winner, some would never consider pursuing a perfect game thinking they would most likely fail. They only see failure and how this would have a negative impact on a pitcher’s mental game. But this is to miss understand that a pitcher’s worth and greatness are not determined by the perfect game, but by the changes that result in the pitcher’s mental and physical performance as a result of the pursuit of the perfect game.

Often my teams have won a game because after our team scored a run and took the lead I turned to the pitcher and said, “Your teammates just gave you all you need. A perfect game from this point forward and this game is ours”. This is where great pitchers separate themselves from the rest. The great pitchers, even after giving up a hit or a run, can refocus and become perfect from that point forward and close a game out. But how can you finish perfect if you do not have the attitude to start perfect? You can’t. Hence the SAPP System.

The SAPP System addresses this issue head on with this simple goal as it’s base, “Throw every pitch so no one gets to first.” SAPP also gives pitchers a system that allows them to adjust from pitch to pitch based on what the previous pitch did or did not do. These simple adjustments allow pitchers to hit more locations, have more movement and increased speed. And if you can adjust on one pitch rather than taking four, eight or ten pitches, you will prevent the other team from having big innings.

But most important of all, you get rid of the words coaches hate to hear when their pitchers are unable to pitch — “She needs to see her pitching coach.”

If you are interested in learning more about this system of success, stay and read or feel free to contact Greg at


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